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Community care and promotion

Community care and promotion in the foster parenting system

Within the city, due to various reasons such as parents illness or divorce, roughly 4000 children are unable to live at home. Instead of their family, these children are being brought up through ‘Society Care’.

Society Care is broken into 2 seperate system: Foster parents ‘Family Care’ and ‘Institutional Care’ This is a system to bring in children to foster parents’ homes.

Family Care
Institutional Care

Becoming a Foster Home

Foster parents will be recognized and registered as official only after completing training and attending lectures, and paperwork has gone through the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and applicants have finished a hearing with the Council of Child Welfare.
Flow for Becoming a Foster Home
Becoming a Foster Home. Visiting one of the official abuse centers. Confirmation of Application Requirements. Training. Application. Background Check. Attending a hearing with the Council of Child Welfare. Confirmation/approval by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.