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What is Child Abuse?

Definition of Child Abuse

Child Abuse is when a child’s caretaker (parent or guardian) commits one of the following 4 acts:
Physical abuse
  • Physical violence (hit, kick, slap etc.)
  • Inflicting burns (with cigarettes etc.)
  • Holding upside down
  • Locking outside (with no way back in)
    And many others...
However, Child Abuse does not only come in physical form. Caretakers can also inflict damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. These types of abuse come in many forms such as mental and psychological damages (also possibly gender related) or neglect (for example poor parenting practices)
Have you seen any of these following signs of abuse?
02: Neglect
  • Not providing appropriate food, clothing and shelter
  • Not taking children to hospital even if they are sick
  • Leaving an infant in the house alone
  • Not allowing them to go to school
    And many others...
03: Gender related abuse
  • Sexual intercourse or sexual assault of children
  • Revealing genitals or showing displays of sexual intercourse
  • Taking or looking at child pornography
    And many others...
04: Psychological abuse
  • Ignoring or rejecting
  • Verbal abuse
  • Terrorizing or threatening
  • Playing favorites (liking one sibling more than the other)
  • Violence toward other parents or caretakers
    And many others...

Effects of abuse

Abuse can cause serious, permanent harm to children
  • Delayed physical development
  • Emotional instability, emotional restraint or aggressiveness
Without being able to communicate well with others, this can cause additional problems. As children get older they will have an increased risk for self loathing, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol dependence, as well as repeating the same forms of abuse to their own children.

Abusive parents

The following are possible reasons as to why parents abuse their children:
  • Doubts and troubles of parenting
  • Feeling isolated or having problems at home
  • They were raised in an abusive way
  • Economical problems
Abusive parents carry various stress and conflicts. They are also unable to reach out for help even during suffering.
It is necessary to correct parents of their wrong actions and support their families rather than just accuse them of such actions.
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